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This Sunday, Pastor Brian Pinson will begin the next step in the sermon series:  "EMBRACING OUR MISSION".  The last few weeks we learned about how we can "Exalt the Lord" and "Equip the Saints", and now we are focusing on the Great Commission - "Evangelize the Lost".  We can find in Matthew 28:18-20 what Jesus said is our primary purpose as a believer, to take the gospel to the whole world, making disciples of those who turn from the their old life to follow Jesus.  This passage of Scripture comes to life the more one studies it - the deeper your understanding of all it is telling us, the more it will transform your life!!!  We invite you to come and hear this message, either online or in person!  Everyone is welcome.  

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This Sunday, Pastor Brian Pinson will present the next segment of the Sermon Series:  "EMBRACING OUR MISSION".  This message will be Part II of "Equipping the Saints", which focuses on preparing believers on how we can best fulfill God's plan for our lives and how we can do our part in fulfilling the Great Commission ... sharing His message of salvation to the world.  Every believer has a purpose in God's divine plan, and when He calls us, He provides what we need to be equipped to fulfilling our calling, whatever that might be.  Most importantly, we must be willing to do whatever He calls us to do.  We invite you to come and join us, either online or in person, to hear "the rest of the story" of "Equipping the Saints".

Everyone is welcome!!!